We complement the experience and expertise of our people with proprietary tools, our very own software which make your systems run at peak performance.

We can get as technical as you like, but the important thing to understand is how the technology improves your business process and your bottom line.



E-Commerce is the most common and easiest way to get fast and definite customers online. Because you can get online orders on 24/7 basis and the advance payment. That means more business and secure business...


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Enterprise HR Management System  
eHR.NET is a comprehensive Human Resources Management System that helps you efficiently manage, plan, develop, acquire, optimize, and maximize Human Resource; the most valuable and effective asset...
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Financial & Accounting  
A complete solution for the accounting related needs of an enterprise. It is a standalone as well an integrated accounting system...
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Project Tracking System  
Project Tracking System is a powerful, yet is an easy to use, web based application that helps organizations increasing the performance, productivity and efficiency of their project teams...
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Cargo Management Solution  
Complete tracking facility from collection till delivery for all consignments shipped by Air and Sea...
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Fixed Assets Tracking  
Fixed Assets Tracking System (FATS) is a comprehensive web based fixed assets management and tracking solution, from purchase to disposal...
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  Our Services
Rising Technologies outsourcing services provide offshore solutions to some of the leading companies across the globe. With targeted and organic growth RT has grown into an international outsourcing company with an impressive client portfolio covering sectors in financial, healthcare and...  
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