Project Tracking System

Project Tracking System is a powerful, yet is an easy to use, web based application that helps organizations increasing the performance, productivity and efficiency of their project teams. It provides management more control and up-to-date progress reporting. PTS empowers businesses to manage projects, tasks and teams with less management efforts input and makes their output cost effective.

Features & Benefits
Project Tracking System provides following powerful features:-
Some feature of the system are:


Manage and control projects, tasks, and team members.

Schedule estimated time for a project and tasks of that project in order to control the time and costs

Get real-time task list status i.e. which task has been completed to what percentage and who is working on it, so that to check and increase the performance & productivity of your work force.

View project summary to see all the projects’ status at a glance

Reduces staff management time and get your projects more organized because individual and overall task progress can be monitored instantly simply logging in through a web browser;

Get estimated results on every step of the project; meet deadlines and achieve goals.

Enhances client service levels as you can collaborate with clients, partners and vendors.

Enhance productivity as your clients can view latest project status and give at the moment feedback

PTS facilitates collaboration between management, employee and customers.

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