Fixed Assets Tracking Solution

Fixed Assets Tracking System (FATS) is a comprehensive web based fixed assets management and tracking solution, from purchase to disposal. Keeping track of fixed assets has always been a challenging job, and as a result, companies spend extra percentage of their budget on duplicate purchases without proper utilization of existing investment. With all its power and flexibility, FATS is the ideal solution for all your fixed assets tracking needs.

Features & Benefits
Fixed Assets Tracking System provides following powerful features:-


Define Assets under categories, organizations or departments and projects.

Assign and transfer assets to and/or between organizations, departments, projects and employees

Transactions of rent, lease, maintenance and depreciation

Alerts for periodic inspection, maintenance, contract & warranty expiry, lease or/and rent payments etc.

Tracking of assets location wise, assignee wise, assigned date and due for return

Find unallocated assets to reallocate

Reports: Cost, Book Value, Maintenance, Depreciations and lot more

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